If you are paying private mortgage insurance (PMI) you may be paying from $100-$250 per month more than you need to. Your lender is obligated to remove the PMI when your equity reaches 20% but is not aways aware of the appreciation in your neighborhood that may be working in your favor. How do they determine when that equity position is reached...with an appraisal !!

We offer a FREE service to help you determine if you qualify for PMI Reduction!

We will assist you to find out if you qualify to have your PMI removed on your existing loan absolutely FREE. We will run comparables in your area and first verify that your home qualifies. We will contact your lender on your behalf and find out what their requirements are to get the PMI removed. If an appraisal is required we sincerely hope that you will order that appraisal with our firm. There is, however, no obligation to order the appraisal from us. There is a list of California Counties that we cover from this office. Other counties are covered from our affiliate offices throughout the state. This free service is only for our fellow California residents. If you need assistance in other areas of the USA we can assist you in finding a qualified appraiser in your area.

Call us today for the details, toll free at (877) 897-3334!